Our Story…

Purple Earth was started in August 2018 by Chantel and Aidan.

They create handcrafted products which are different and unique from the usual run-of-the mill mainstream stuff. The couple design and manufacture the items from their home in Gordon’s Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.

Much research has gone into current trends in fashion and fashion accessories as well as background on the more esoteric items they produce such as dreamcatchers which the couple make in the traditional Navajo Native American way using similar materials and the spiritual meanings behind them.

For their rubber products, Chantel and Aidan utilise up-cycled materials such as old truck, car and bicycle inner tubes. Purple Earth’s ‘RE-TREADS’ handbags are one such product and each item is distinctive in the way that each merchandise piece is handmade from scratch and no two bags are identical which means that each piece of merchandise ends up as one-of-a-kind creation that sets each prospective owner apart from the current typical humdrum fashion-item stereotype.

Having been involved in the music industry, Chantel and Aidan were compelled to bring that element into the Purple Earth fold. One of those products is the ‘TANK DRUM’ which is a steel hand-pan drum created for Purple Earth by Epikdrumz Cape Town. Each drum is hand made from up-cycled materials with various finishes and colours available. The TANK DRUM can be custom made with optional tuning scales.

Another music-themed product is the PICK-POCKET which is a handy key-ring pouch in which guitarists and bass guitarists can keep their picks and plectrums safe.

Purple Earth continues to add more and more unique and fun designs to their collection so watch this space for updates!

Purple Earth sells its products locally and internationally.